Choosing the Right Demolition Company

Many factors come into play when choosing the right demolition company for a demolition project. Usually, these are factors you’ve never considered until you find yourself in need of a structure demolition.  Just a few things you’ll need to consider: Type of demolition, necessary permits, clean up, debris removal and more.

What Are Your Demolition Company Needs?

Before soliciting contractors, make a list of the requirements you’ll need for your specific demolition project. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What type of demolition will you require? Partial (only certain sections of the building), total (the entire building), implosion (a specific demo type requiring specific capabilities)
  • Does the building you’re demolishing contain asbestos or other hazardous material? If this is the case, you’ll need a demo company that can handle asbestos removal and or environmental cleanup.
  • Will you require removal of debris? Demolition of the building is only half the job. Removing the leftover debris is a huge undertaking as well. Is this something you can handle, or will you need the contractor to take care of clean up?

Now that you have narrowed the focus on your demolition project and have a clear list of requirements, you can begin to solicit bids from qualified demolition contractors.

Once you’ve begun the bidding process, here are some important questions to ask potential contractors:

  • Are you certified, licensed and insured? Can you provide documentation to prove your credentials?
  • Are you a member of any trade organizations?
  • What is the projected cost and timeline?
  • Have you done similar projects in the past? Do you have photos and/or a portfolio?
  • Will you provide references?

These questions can help you narrow the field of potential contractors down to those that are truly qualified to complete your job.

Our Favorite New England Demolition Company

New England Recycling specializes in demolition, and we are proud to provide free estimates for comprehensive demolition jobs including the following services:

  • Total demolition
  • Removal of structures
  • Interior gut-outs
  • Pulverizing concrete on site
  • Shearing steel onsite
  • Acquisition of permits, if necessary
  • Referrals for hazardous waste and asbestos removal
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Crushing of material onsite.

We are committed to providing superior service and innovative, creative solutions to a variety of customer segments including but not limited to: commercial, industrial, corporate, educational, retail, government and religious.

NER approaches each job with professionalism and the goal of exceeding customer expectations in all areas of your demolition needs. Contact us today at 866-NER-CANS or to get your demolition project started!