Residential Construction Debris
Dumped per ton $135.00
Roofing Shingles Debris
Dumped per ton $135.00
Commercial Building Demo
Dumped per ton $135.00
Cleanout Debris (Furniture, rugs, etc.)
Dumped per ton $135.00
Miscellaneous Charges
Pallets per ton $75.00
Minimum Charge
Under 800 lbs = $135.00


Materials NOT accepted at this facility include: hazardous materials, asbestos of any kind, liquids, wood with lead paint, paint cans, lead, PCB’s, human waste, medical waste and fluorescent light bulbs.

Single Item Drop-off Price List

Propane Tanks$5.00/each
Tires (car)$10.00/each
Tires (truck)$15.00/each
Box Spring$35.00/each
Microwave oven$25.00/each
Air Conditioner$25.00/each
Small TV$25.00/each
Large TV$50.00/each
Computer & Monitor$25.00/each
Hot Water Heater$25.00/each
Washers and Dryers$25.00/each
Creosote Timber$150 per ton
Pressure Treated Wood$130 per ton

If your load contains any of these items, you will be charged for each one in addition to the cost to dump the load. If any of these items are brought here individually, you will only be charged for that single item.

Failure to comply will result in tipping privileges being revoked and charges to clean up and dispose of any hazardous material.