How a Roll Off Dumpster Will Aid Your Summer Plans

Summer provides many homeowners the opportunity to complete the home improvement projects that they have been putting off. For those living in the colder climates, summer is the only time to get work done outside from a new deck, outdoor kitchen, or new landscaping.

Whether you plan to clean out the garage or attic or pursue more extensive projects, including new landscaping or a kitchen or bathroom renovation, one of the most underutilized resources is a roll off dumpster. These dumpsters will aid your summer improvement plans by providing a safe, economical, and convenient way to dispose of any trash or debris created from your summer improvement plan.

Most individuals have driven by a construction site at one point or another and have seen dumpsters full of waste. Like most people assumed, these dumpsters would be utilized solely by contractors and construction sites. Luckily this is not the case anyone can rent this type of dumpster; they come in many sizes and can hold various materials depending on the project for which they are being used.

Roll off dumpsters are extremely convenient and useful because you no longer have to make several trips to the dump loading and unloading trash from your home improvement project instead you can hire a dumpster company and they will not only deliver the dumpster to your designated location they will also come back and pick up the dumpster as many times as you need so you can concentrate on your home improvement project and not have to worry about running back and forth to the dump.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

Roll off dumpsters come in various sizes and can accommodate virtually any project a homeowner has, from simply clearing out the garage to conducting an entire home renovation. Listed below are the five most typical dumpster sizes and what and the amount of material they can contain:

10- Yard Dumpster – A 10- yard dumpster has the approximate dimensions of 14 ft by 8 ft by 4 ft and can hold anywhere from 4,000 to 6000 lb of trash and debris.

15- Yard Dumpster – A 15-yard dumpster is approximately 16 ft by 8 ft by 5 ft and can hold approximately 4,000 to 6000 lb of trash and debris.

20- Yard Dumpster – A 20-yard dumpster is approximately 22 ft by 8 ft by 5 ft and can hold from 4000 to 6000 pounds of trash and debris.

30- Yard Dumpster – A 30-yard dumpster is approximately 22 ft by 8 ft by 6 ft and can hold anywhere from 7000 to 10000 pounds of trash and debris.

40- Yard Dumpster – A 40-yard dumpster is approximately 22 ft by 8 ft by 8 ft and can hold from 10000 to 12000 lb of trash and debris.

As you can see by the roll off dumpster sizes above, many different dumpster sizes are available to suit many different home improvement or summer project needs. Utilizing a roll off dumpster it’s a safe and convenient way to dispose of all your trash and debris from whatever project you are currently undertaking and the best part is when you’re done the dumpster is called away and you have nothing else you have to do.

Materials You Can Put In A Roll Off Dumpster

It is important to understand that while dumpsters may have the capacity to accommodate all your trash debris or material, some items are not allowed to be put into these dumpsters for safety reasons. Listed below are some of the common materials that are not allowed to be placed in dumpsters:

Propane Tanks
Appliances That Contain Refrigerants
Microwave Ovens
Liquids including paint, fuel, oil, or cleaners. It is important to note that if paint can lids are removed, and the paint is mixed with dirt or sand and allowed to dry; then it will become safe and acceptable to place in a dumpster.

As you can see from the list above, the items that are not allowed in roll off dumpsters are unacceptable because of safety reasons. These materials can be hazardous, and it is essential to the homeowner and the environment that these items are correctly disposed of.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Process

Now that you’ve decided that utilizing a dumpster is a great way to help and aid with your summer project, you may be asking how do I go about renting a dumpster? Listed below is the process for renting a dumpster:

1. The first step in renting your dumpster is to assess the project you are about to undertake and decide how what size dumpster you will need. Choosing the right size dumpster is cost-effective, but it will be a more accessible and safer process during the project.

2. Take the time to get estimates from several local dumpster rental companies. It is essential to do your research so you receive the best price and the best service. Unfortunately, not all dumpster companies are the same or follow the same process; doing your research and getting multiple estimates will ensure you are getting the best company for the job you’re about to undertake.

3. Now that you’ve decided on which dumpster rental company you’re going to go with, it is crucial for the area in which you plan to have the roll off dumpster located. In addition, the ground for the dumpster must be placed on a hard and level surface end that is free from any obstructions. If there is anything in the way, it will make it difficult for the dumpster to be dropped off and removed. Finally, it is also essential to check with your homeowner’s association and the city where you live to ensure you don’t need any special permission or permits to have a roll off dumpster on your property.

4. Now that your roll off dumpster has been dropped off, this is the easy part simply fill the dumpster with all the debris from your project make sure it is not more than 75% full. If the dumpster is more than 75% full, it can be difficult to remove and transport.

5. Last but not least, now that your project is complete and your roll off dumpster is full simply call the company, and they will come to retrieve the dumpster and all its contents, allowing you to relax and enjoy your summer.

Roll Off Dumpsters take away the stress and time consumption of having to transport all your trash and debris to the dump yourself; in addition, they provide a safe and convenient location to dispose of all materials making the job site itself safe for not only you and your family but those conducting the project as well. Once you utilize a roll off dumpster, you will wonder why you had never used them before. Roll off dumpsters are a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to dispose of debris and trash from any summer project.