How to be Sustainable During the Holidays

The holidays are wonderful and special times for everyone. It’s a time for sharing, and a time for the giving and receiving of gifts. It’s a time for sharing the bounty of food and drink with one another, but it also brings about a bunch of waste. There are many innovative ways to become sustainable during the holiday season to reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills and still enjoy the holidays.

Make your own wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is one of the biggest sellers during the holiday season. It’s what most people use to wrap gifts. But, it can be one of the most wasteful products that’s bought. There are differences in wrapping paper along with the many colors it’s hard to resist buying it. You can make your own wrapping paper by simply being a little creative. Take the comic section of an old newspaper or use an old map to wrap gifts with. They offer a little style and most of the time those are made of paper which is biodegradable. If you don’t want to use paper, then find an old cloth, or maybe even a scarf that has sentimental value and use that to wrap your gifts.

Buy energy efficient lighting

Lighting is a huge deal for the holiday season. In fact, without lighting it wouldn’t seem much of a holiday. Wonderfully decorated homes and trees all add to the magic that is the holiday season. Along with this magic is the use of a lot of electricity and the eventual dramatic increase of the electricity bill. A great way to lessen this eventuality is to get rid of the old incandescent type of lighting that’s so wasteful and use LED holiday lights. This single step alone will greatly reduce the amount of electricity used in the home without sacrificing the lighting magic. In addition, you could save up to 50 dollars on your electricity bill, and at the holiday time every dollar counts. Instead of throwing these old lights into the trash can, take them to a roll off dumpster where they can be disposed of properly.

Recycle the tree

During the holiday season it is traditional to get a natural christmas tree. A natural christmas has a wonderful smell to it and it looks better than getting an artificial one. It doesn’t matter if the tree is large or small since everyone decorates it in a wonderful way. But, don’t leave the tree for the trash man. Instead, go and take that tree to a roll off dumpster so it can be disposed of properly but being taken to the recycling center. That tree can be used as mulch in the spring and summer times and help beautify the outside of homes. A great way to take an old natural tree and give it another practical use.

Recycle your old cell phone

Electronics are a popular gift for the holidays. Technology has and will continue to become one of the most popular gift items. Instead of being wasteful and throwing that old cell phone away, recycle it. Cell phones, regardless of the style and their age, have important materials in them that are extremely useful and valuable even when they need to be replaced. They contain metals like lead and mercury that can damage the environment by getting into the soil or the water table. They also contain copper and other metalloids like boron that are useful. You can simply recycle that old cell phone and make a positive impact on the environment. Packaging from your new cell phone can be placed in a roll off dumpster for recycling as well.

Make your own gifts

It’s always wonderful to get a gift that is exciting. But sometimes gifts that mean the most make the greatest impact are the ones that aren’t bought from the store. Sometimes, a gift from the heart means the most, and that is just another way to be sustainable during the holidays and make a positive impact on the environment. Simply by taking the time to make your own arts and crafts can make a person feel so special during the holiday season since they knew you took the time to make that special gift. What it also does is to help reduce waste from the environment. But any waste from making your special gift can be placed in a roll off dumpster for proper disposal.

Innovative stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers are always fun to get, especially for the kids, and they like to dig in them and see what else they can get on that special day. Being that you’re interested in being more sustainable during the holiday season, you can try something new that even the young ones would love. Instead of filling the stocking with candies and sugary products, try stuffing those stockings with treats that are healthy snacks like freeze dried fruits and nuts. Many times children get treats and toys that go unused and in the trash. But this way, children can still enjoy their stocking stuffers while being healthy at the same time.

Eco-friendly gifts

While being more sustainable during the holidays and reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfills after every holiday season, maybe go a different route. Instead of buying gifts from the major department stores why not try buying eco-friendly items and gifts locally. The huge department stores have more money than they can count, but buying eco-friendly items and gifts from local businesses can really be a great boost to them, and it surely would help the environment. Any waste from these gifts can be placed in a roll off dumpster and that can all be taken to a recycling center to further give the environment a boost. Above all, make sure waste gets placed in a roll off dumpster. A roll off dumpster is easily moveable for each person’s convenience.