A Guide on What You Can and Can’t Recycle this Holiday

It’s the holiday season, and like many of us, we will see hoards of  people shopping . As you go out to shop, it’s important to recycle your waste. As much as recycling is important, not everything is recycled. Some of the things you recycle can harm the environment. When you have waste to deposit, you either reuse, reduce, or recycle. Recycling is converting waste products into more useful materials. Recycle bins are usually placed almost in every spot of the town.

Three Main Rules of Recycling:

1. Recycle cans, bottles, and paper
2. Keep the items you recycle relatively clean
3. Avoid mixing plastic bags and other materials with other recycled materialsWhat to Recycle

Recycle materials that can be used again. Avoid putting food in the recycle bin as it will go bad before it can be used for the recycling process. Food and beverage cannot go through the recycling process. Consider other items like plastic bottles and containers. If you really want to recycle an item, consider if it is safe. There are some products that cannot go through the recycling process. Some of the recycled items include;Containers- before tossing the container, ensure the container is clean and dry. Also, the container should have a cap or a lid on it before being given for recycling. Food and beverage containers- the food and beverage containers can be used again. You should thus consider depositing it the way it is.

Paper- Paper can be recycled. Papers that have written material on them can be used again. Some chemicals are used to bleach the paper and go back to new. They can also be strong chemicals that completely destroy any pictures that were previously drawn on the paper. Paper can thus be recycled to be used again.

Flattened cardboard and paperboard- paperboard can also be used again. Some artists may draw then be no longer interested in the board. Someone else may require the same board to do something else. With such materials, consider depositing it as it is. Don’t destroy the piece of paper by tearing it. Let it be as it is then it will be made ready for another purpose.

Delivery boxes- delivery boxes such as pizza boxes can also be recycled. Before depositing for recycling, ensure the box does not have pizza leftovers of crusts and other substances of food. Other boxes in this category include cereal and snack packages.

Dirty water- recycle can also be in the water. There are some companies that have good plant machines which can remove dirty particles sin water. Therefore, some countries do recycle water again.

Some types of metals- not all metals become worn-out after being used. There are metals such as steel cans, tin, and aluminum. Glass can be recycled so long as it is not broken. Glass that is used to make containers of food, jars, soft drinks, alcohol, wine, and liquor can be put in a recycling bin. There are glass containers that can still be used again.

Used tires- some people, especially drivers, let go of used tires, thinking they are useless. The Jua Kali industry has made good use of them. Some of these used tires are used to make shoes. The tires are also used for decoration purposes. There are designers who can transform the used tire into something beautiful. These items are used for attracting customers and can also be used.

Materials That Cannot Be Recycled

There are things that, once they have been used, they cannot be used again. These materials, once utilized, they are left to decompose. Others go through machines that turn used materials into finished products. Some of those items include;No Tangling Items- Tangiers can wrap equipment that will be dangerous to the employees. It puts the life of MRF employees in jeopardy. It is therefore advisable to donate the item if it is in good condition. Because if it endangers the life of one worker, the whole recycling center may be put to an end.

Dirty diapers- Diapers contain some chemicals that are good for absorbing the waste of a baby. Once the chemical has absorbed the waste, it is no longer useful. Also, if you put it in the recycling bin, it destroys the other recyclables. If you add the diaper to the recycling bin, it will make all other materials to get rush. Therefore, it is best you trash the diaper and leave the recycles clean.

Medical materials – Medical materials, such as syringes, are not to be recycled. Once used, kindly empty in the trash can. They may be containing poisonous content. Also, some people or even kids may take them to us again. It will then cause medical complications.

Plastic bags- there are plastic bags that were once used for shopping. They are not recommendable for recycling. It destroys the environment. The plastic stretch wrap is also not recyclable.

Polystyrene foam containers or cups – There are containers that are harmful to the environment. One of the materials includes take out containers, egg cartons, and drinking cups. Such materials are made from materials that cannot be recycled. The best thing is to trash them.
Other materials that cannot be recycled include plastic utensils. It is best to empty it into the trash can. Such people should not disrespect them. Those are the common general materials that cannot be recycled. It is also important to know the importance of recycling.

Importance of Recycling

Waste management services have been beneficial to the environment by adhering to the recycling procedures. Some of the importance is conserving resources. When materials are recycled, they are made into finished products, thus preventing the need for consuming natural resources. Another importance is saving energy. Recycling a product requires less energy compared to manufacturing new products. It is also good for extra energy saving options. Recycling also helps in the protection of the environment.
It is because it eliminates the need to extract, refine, and process raw materials. It is good for preventing air pollution caused by the emission of gases during manufacturing. In conclusion, recycling is good for the environment, among other benefits. However, not everything can be recycled. Consider going through the lost so you can know what is to be kept and is to take away. For more tips on Taunton recycling, contact the pro’s at New England Recycling today.