Top 10 Resuable Items You Probably Didn’t Know About

For those who are planning on going green, there is a high chance that you already have the basics of a zero-waste lifestyle. Do not just ditch that plastic bag or food package; instead, why don’t you reuse it for other sustainable uses? Well, choosing between what household items to dispose of and which ones to reuse can be a little challenging sometimes. Disposable household items are those that you can easily throw away in the trash.

If you have always had the passion of constantly keeping the environment clean, you could simply start by making sure that you purchase eco-friendly household items for your homes. The following is a list of top ten household items that can be reused over and over again while saving more money that would have been used to replace the items.

1. Electronic devices

We live in a world where technology is applied in every aspect of life, starting from homes and businesses. With time, you tend to accumulate these electronic devices like phones, laptops, televisions, among others. These devices are normally made from lead and if they are not well disposed, they may pollute the environment.

Instead of disposing of them, it would be ideal to take them to electronic shops where they can be refurbished and sold again but at a lower price. In cases of mobile phones, only 10% can be recycled. You only need to take them to a retail store and then receive a gift card in return.

2. Stainless steel water bottles

Reusing water bottles is vital because it helps you in saving money and reducing waste so that the environment is kept clean and hence healthy life. The fantastic thing about these water bottles is that they are patterned in a way that they do not get moldy and therefore, they are suitable for large families with many children. You do not need to spend more money each time your kids need a water bottle. You can as well reuse the steel water bottles that you have bought recently.

3. Eyeglasses

If it gets to a point where you feel like your eyeglasses are not serving their purpose anymore and maybe you want to replace them with new ones, visit the Lions Recycle for Sight Program. This platform ensures that your old eyeglasses are well tidied up and then arranged as per prescription stamina. They do not just accept any kind of eyeglasses unless they are reading glasses, plastic and metal frames and kids’ eyeglasses. After being remodeled, they are sold to those customers who are in need. Taunton recycling can help you get rid of larger bulk items and ensure you are helping the environment at the same time.

4. Kitchen towels

Whether you are using them to wipe kitchen counter or cleaning large spills, kitchen towels can be washed as much as you want. They can later be disposed of in a compost bin before returning again after a month. However, you have to ensure that they are washed thoroughly before reusing them to avoid bacterial infections.

5. Wood

It is one household item that can easily be reused are there numerous ways to do it; for instance, if you want to replace that wooden table, you can use the legs to design a shoe rack. Instead of throwing away those old pieces of wood, you can use them as firewood. The smaller pieces can also be used for other purposes like craft projects.

6. Bicycles

Through the program, Bikes off the World can be reused. Over 15 million bicycles disposed of yearly can be obtained, remodeled and then bestowed among several institutions in third world countries and among low-income earners too. They can be availed at an affordable price for people looking for a means of transport to work. People planning to lose weight may also consider acquiring bikes for daily cycling, which would be ideal for burning more fats. Taunton recycling offer solutions for how to dispose of old bikes as well as reuse them.

7. Old clothes

Well, if you are a fashionista, your wardrobe is perhaps full of clothes that you do not wear anymore. You can arrange your wardrobe by separating clothes that you constantly wear from those that you want to donate. Old jeans can be turned to shorts while old towels can be used as a mopper for the house or wiping cars. In addition, you can sew these clothes if they are not severely torn to generate TV covers and cushion covers.

8. Jars

Many foods, including blue band, peanut butter and tomato sauce, usually come in varying jars precisely made from plastic or glass. To promote a healthy environment, reuse these items to serve other purposes, for instance, use a blue band container in storing salt while large jars can be used in preserving fruits. You only need to wash the items thoroughly and disinfect them so that the storage life can be lengthened. Taunton recycling can help with other tips on how to re-use jars and be more sustainable.

9. Shoes

Are you aware that there are shoe-recycling companies that actually help you in the recycling process? Well, now you know. Firms like Nike have a Reuse-a-shoe recycling project where old Nike shoes are refurbished from the same materials to become better. The remodeled shoes can then be used in sports like athletics. The remodeled shoes are not only of good quality but also availed at a lower price.

10. Cosmetic packages

This is one industry that always makes millions of returns every year and renowned companies like MAC and Aveda began a policy where cosmetic packages could easily be reused or recycled. Whether it is that lipstick tube or makeup removal kit, there are ways in which these items could be reused to prevent environmental degradation.

Every year, millions of trash are disposed of on land and this has negatively impacted the environment. There are sufficient things you can do to help in conserving the environment, and one of the ways is to reuse or recycle old household items significantly or perhaps you can buy reusable products if you can. Recycling or rather remodeling the already used items is a great way to increase their value which availing them again in the market at reduced prices and also helping to conserve the environment. Contact New England Recycling today for more info on how you can help the environment and become more sustainable. Contact Taunton recycling pro’s today at New England Recycling.