Unique Recycling Ideas

Do you want to do more to help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money? By now, you are probably aware of the basics of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and have seen the current New England Recycling news and are likely recycling your unwanted glass, plastic and metal products. Good for you! What else can you recycle, though? Can you do more? Yes! This article will walk you through ten unconventional ideas of how to recycle what you no longer need or want and will inform you about Waste Management New England.

1. Donate Unwanted Clothes

Have you gained or lost enough weight recently that you no longer fit into some or all of your clothes? If so, consider donating your surplus to a women’s shelter, job-search program, inmate-rehabilitation program, or other charity. Rather than trashing your clothes, storing them in your attic for the next decade, help someone in need improve their own wardrobe while decluttering your own closet. Instead of purchasing brand-new clothes, shop at consignment or thrift store for gently pre-owned yet fashionable clothing or use us Waste Management New England and we’ll come to pick up the haul for you.

2. Compost Leftover Food

Instead of throwing your vegetable and fruit peelings, eggshells, and other scraps in the trash or the garbage disposal, consider composting them! You can compost most fruits and vegetables, along with your yard waste, to make nutrient-rich soil for your garden or houseplants. While it isn’t recommended that you put dairy, fish or meat in your compost, you can try making soup stock with your leftover bones!

3. Repurpose Building Supplies

Have you recently completed a home construction or remodeling project? Instead of sending trailers full of unwanted bathroom tiles, fixtures and more to the dump, donate them to an organization that builds or renovates structures for low-income or homeless individuals. You can also list the leftover materials on various message boards and websites to see if anyone in your community sees your “trash” as their “treasure”. Another option is to determine if you can reuse any of your leftover materials for a different project elsewhere on your property. If you have extra sheets of metal roofing, instead of disposal, why not make a chicken coop with it? Outdated light fixtures might not be ideal for your living room, but how about your basement? There are many ways that you can reuse building supplies so that you don’t just have to throw them away. You can also use Waste Management New England services like us to dispose of the supplies for you.

4. Rags to Riches

Do you have some old towels lying around, filled with holes and stains? These make perfect baby wipes and rags! Just cut them into small, 6″x6″ pieces, trim or hem the edges, and voila! This also helps reduce paper waste, as you may be more likely to use a rag than a paper towel or baby wipe to clean messes in your home. If you have a baby, consider using cloth diapers, instead of disposables. Once your toddler is potty-trained, you can use the cloth diapers for rags as well.

5. Bring Life Back to Old Computers

If you have a growing collection of outdated computers and other technological equipment, consider donating them to an organization that refurbishes and gives them to individuals in need. It is okay if they are slower than today’s standard – they will make a world of difference to a family or child that has no other computer in their home. If you have a desktop computer that is outdated, you may be able to bring it up-to-date by ordering and installing the proper parts.

6. Share your Hair?

Yes, hair donation is a “thing”! And the donation is not as much about recycling as it is helping others. If you have lengthy hair and would like to change your look, consider asking your hairstylist to preserve and donate them to a charity of your choice. Organizations will fashion donated hair into wigs for individuals that have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and other medical conditions.

7. Craft Time!

Do you enjoy transforming every-day objects into creative masterpieces? Rather than scrap your scraps, try using them to make something that is uniquely yours. Scraps of carpet can become bags; pallets can become sofas; wine bottles can become garden lights; tires can become planters; lids can become refrigerator magnets; all sorts of things can become holiday ornaments. The possibilities are endless! For inspiration, search online for additional creative ideas. For holidays, challenge yourself to create gifts from recycled items for your friends and family! Not only will this save you money and keep useful items from going to the landfill, but your gifts will be unique and memorable.

8. Baby Clothes Makeover

Did you save all of your children’s baby clothes, but you don’t know what to do with them and you aren’t willing to donate or sell them? Try using them to make beautiful heirloom quilts for your child (or yourself). You can do this with clothes from throughout their childhood, and even clothes they wore as an adult – if you can get them! Because babies and children tend to quickly outgrow their clothes, buy used clothes for your baby and children to cut back on the number of constant purchases. In addition, purchase clothes in gender-neutral colors and patterns so that you can use the same set of clothes for each of your children, regardless of their gender.

9. Save Those Soap Slivers!

When your bar soap gets to the size of a sliver, don’t throw it out – save it! Knit, crochet or sew a small fabric bag and store your slivers inside. Once there are a few, use the bag as your all-in-one bar soap and washcloth! Create your own laundry detergent from bar soap and a few other household ingredients!

10. Keep your Containers

Many people purchase liquid hand soap, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, and other household essentials in small bottles, and then they recycle the bottles once empty. To save money and help the environment, consider purchasing your supplies in bulk. Transfer amounts of each item into the smaller, original container, and refill as necessary. Reuse the large bottles that the soap comes in to store homemade bubble mixture for the kids!

Now you know more ways that you can recycle in your daily life; what will you do to make an impact on our Earth?

11. Plants, Pitchers, or Pennies

Do you know that bottle of Simply Orange juice that has way too much pulp in it? Well, that same pulp filled container can be reused if you have a garden or just want an extra pitcher for drinks. Take the label off of the bottle thoroughly wash it out and use it as a watering can, to water your leftover food that you turned into compost. You can also use it as a pitcher for juice on a hot summer day or even use it as a change collector.

12. New England Recycling 

If you are one of those people who wants to recycle and make difference but never get around to sorting through your materials, contact us at New England Recycling, rent a container, throw everything in it and let us do the rest. We help with disposal and recycling of construction & demolition waste. Don’t just let those slabs of concrete or yard debris just pile up. Do your part and contact us for our Waste Management New England services.


Taking care of and maintaining the earth, should be taken on by everyone. It is our job to do our part no matter how big or small. Reducing our carbon footprint adds longevity to our planet and increases the quality of the environment surrounding us. However, recycling is no small task and the materials do not physically have to be recycled by you. At New England Recycling we offer the best construction and demolition disposal & recycling service. No matter if you have a couple of cans and bottles lying around your house or a couple of tons of construction waste you need to be removed, you can still make a difference by taking the first step. Stay updated on New England Recycling as there are always new ways to go green and reduce your footprint.