Eco Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

Summer is a season filled with tons of excitement. With warm weather, many people find themselves getting out the house more, traveling more and being more active. Perhaps the biggest challenge of summertime is staying cool. Summertime temperatures require people to cool their homes to stay comfortable. This often can be quite expensive. While this can be discouraging there are some things that can be done to keep your home or apartment cooler without spending a lot of extra money. Here are some of the best eco friendly tips you can follow to stay cool this summer.

Use Blackout Curtains

There are a variety of window treatments that are eco friendly and can help to cool down your house. Blackout curtains help to reduce energy costs because they block both light and heat from entering the home. Blackout curtains have been proven to block about ninety-nine percent of light. There are some brands that even block out about forty percent of noise. This ultimately will allow you to run your cooling system more efficiently. Blackout curtains can be purchased for less than twenty dollars so they won’t break the bank. An added bonus is that they also help keep your rooms warmer in the winter.

Stay Hydrated

A simple and inexpensive way to remain cool during the summer months is to simply stay hydrated. Hydration has been proven to lower the body’s core temperature by allowing perspiration. The best way to do this is through drinking water. Most health experts recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Water is not the only way to stay hydrated though. There are lots of great fruits and vegetables that provide lots of water. Some of the best choices include strawberries, watermelon and cucumbers. Other great choices include milk, soup, and yogurt. Making smart choices during the summer can help you to stay hydrated and ultimately cooler during summer months.

Limit Oven and Stove Usage

When and how you prepare your food could have an impact on how cool your home will be. When you are cooking in the kitchen it can feel much warmer as you are standing over a frying pan or an open oven. During the summer the goal should be to use the oven as little as possible. If you have to use the oven consider using it early in the morning or late in the evening. You can also speed up cooking by cutting meat and veggies into smaller pieces. The summertime is a great time to use your microwave or consider grilling outdoors. If you follow these suggestions you will keep heat in your home to a minimum and thus your cooling unit won’t have to work quite as hard, and you can rely on your waste management New England for any cleanup needs.

Buy A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can be a great tool when attempting to keep your home cool during the summer. Humidity itself does not actually raise the temperature but it affect how cool or warm people feel. Humidity means there is extra moisture that is in the air that keeps sweat from evaporating. This makes the body feel hot and uncomfortable. A dehumidifier takes this extra moisture out of the air making the room feel cooler. An added bonus of dehumidifier’s is that they also help to prevent mold and mildew that can be dangerous. If you live in an area that is know for having lots of humidity, a dehumidifier is an inexpensive way to help keep your home cool during the summer.

Buy Some Plants

Summer heat can be an excuse to buy the plant you’ve been eyeballing. Not only do plants help beautify a space, they also help to regulate the temperature of a room. Plants release moisture into the air and as a result can reduce the temperature of a room as much as ten degrees. Some of the most common houseplants include the Snake Plant, the Boston Fern, the Areca Palm and golden pothos. Plants are also good at removing toxins from the air and contribute to the overall success of waste management New England efforts.

Choose the Right Clothing

During the summertime the clothes you wear can play a major role in how hot or cold you feel. Most experts recommend wearing clothes that are white. The color white is proven to reflect the sun thus keeping your body cooler. If you don’t have white clothes available choose light colors. Next pay attention to the type of fabric you are wearing. Cotton is an excellent choice for summer time because it is light and has an airy nature. Look for fabrics that are breathable. You will want to avoid fabrics like nylon, spandex and synthetic fabrics. Many people also recommend sleeping on cotton sheets and don’t be fooled by the threat count. Higher thread counts can actually be warmer that lower ones.

Look for Public Places

Cooling off doesn’t always have to be done at home. Many people are already spending lots of time traveling or doing fun activities during the summer. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of public places. Malls, libraries, cafes and movie theaters are almost always nice and cool during the summer months. Spending time at such places means you are using someone else’s resources. If you are spending time in a public place you can use less energy at your home since you are not there. This is also beneficial for the environment as many people are cooling in one place as opposed to several homes. You can even consider visiting these places during the hottest time in the day. This will allow you to use less energy during the cool part of the day when you return home.

You can’t avoid using your cooling system during the summer. However, this does not mean you have to go deep into your wallet to stay comfortable. Being proactive and following some of these simple suggestions can help you stay cool and possibly even save you a few dollars. As you prepare for the dog days of summer keep consider implementing some eco friendly tips. For more tips check back to our waste management New England blog regularly.