Winter Landscaping Tips

A blanket of fresh snow brings its own beauty and charm, but for those gardeners or non-gardening homeowners who love color and plants, winter landscaping can feel pretty bland. But there are ways to bring creativity to your winter landscaping.

New England Winter Landscaping Tips

Plan Ahead with Perennials

Stock your garden with hardy plants, trees, and shrubs that will offer diverse beauty year round. Evergreens and holly bushes offer pops of cheery color. In addition, the crape myrtle and lacebark elm have beautiful and intricate color patterns on their trunks. Just make sure you read plants’ labels when purchasing them to see if they have winter foliage.

Cultivate Handsome Hardscapes

A great winter landscaping idea might have less to do with plants and more to do with permanent focal points. This is a great time to add aesthetic features such as a walkway or trellis, an inviting bench or arbor. Consider adding a water feature or sculpture to create an area for quiet reflection or contemplation.

This is also a great time to play around with stone! Different varieties of stone create different aesthetics

Change up Containers

You don’t have to pack away your hanging baskets and winter hardy containers. Instead, refill them with wintertime plants or with evergreen boughs, interesting twigs, and sticks or even driftwood you brought home from your summer beach vacation. You can add trimmings and pine cones to your window boxes and finish off with a bright ribbon for a festive holiday look.

Trim and Tidy

Be sure to rake up leaves and debris so that your lawn will get adequate sunlight or it can become dull, brown and patchy. This is also a good time to trim trees and shrubs such as evergreens and deciduous trees. Be sure to observe safety precautions or hire a professional for end-of-season clean-up and trimming.

Protect Your Plants

Clear leaves and debris and spread about 1 ½ – 2 inches of mulch over your planting beds to protect the ground from winter’s cold winds. If you have flowering plants such as rhododendrons, camellias, and daphne, you can stake them up and cover with burlap to protect them until spring.

Light it Up

Short days and gray skies can make the winter months seem long and even a little depressing sometimes. Adding lights to your winter landscaping can brighten both your yard and your mood. Stringing twinkle lights on a tree can detract from bare branches, and adding a few landscaping lights around your walkway can help friends find their way along the walkway when it gets dark at 6:00.


If you want to spruce up your New England landscaping this winter, contact New England Recycling today for how we can help!