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- New England Recycling


Title Recycling Picker
Salary $9.50
Start Date 2013-04-02
Location 569 Winthrop St. (Rt. #44) Taunton, MA 02780
Job Information

The objective of the position is to capture as many recyclable containers and as much recyclable material (plastic, cardboard, and aluminum cans) as possible from a moving conveyor belt at a recycling center. Workers stand at the work station for most of their shifts, which is 8 hours daily, depending on the volume of recycling materials to be processed on any given day. As the conveyor belt carries recycling materials past, workers pick out the type of material for which they are sorting (plastic jugs, plastic bottles, cans. etc.) and toss the items into the appropriate chute.

Considerable repetitive hand, wrist and arm motion is required to grab and toss items from the conveyor belt into the chutes or cans. It must be performed at a relatively fast pace. Workers must be able to stand at their work station for most of their shifts (8 hrs per day).

STRENGTH: Per the DOT: Medium
Exert force of 20-40 lbs. occasionally, 5-15 lbs. frequently, or up to 10 lbs. constantly.

Bulldozers and forklifts frequently are moving about the main floor, requiring alertness of both their drivers and anyone walking on the main floor.Worker wear hard hats, ear protection, safety glasses, gloves, dust masks, brightly colored overalls and work boots to protect them to some degree from hazards.

Required Drug test required – Physical condition must be certified healthy.
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