Stone Landscaping Ideas

Stone Landscaping = Low Maintenance Landscaping

Today’s savvy homeowners are looking to create areas that are beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. This trend is making stone landscaping more and more popular. Landscaping with stone allows you to add practical and stylish touches to outside entertaining and gathering spaces.

Sound like a design trend right up your alley? Read on for a few ideas to create eye-catching stone landscaping or to incorporate stone landscaping into your existing outdoor areas.

Stone Fireplaces

Looking for a place to decompress after a hard day at work? Try using large pavers around a sleek stone fireplace to create a relaxing backyard retreat. Add some heat-tolerant plants with low water requirements to make your own personal oasis feel even more comforting.

Stone Paths & Walkways

Another great way to landscape with stones is by creating paths and walkways. You could use stamped concrete or geometric stepping stones to treat yourself or visitors to an aesthetic adventure through your yard. A curved path dotted by soft greens and solar lanterns can make strolling through the backyard seem more like taking a journey through an enchanted forest.

Give your driveway a facelift by lining it with patterns of concrete pavers and fine gravel. Choose colors that complement your home and existing landscaping to instantly up the curb appeal. Consider adding greenery or perennials unless you’re driveway doubles as a basketball court for the neighborhood kids.

Gravel Paths

Upgrade your boring cement walkway into a welcoming gravel path. Choose a soothing color of gravel and soften the edges to make the entryway to your home engaging and inviting. Additionally, the crunchy sound of visitors’ feet alerts you to approaching company.

Take gardening to another level by connecting raised beds with attractive and useful gravel paths. Use landscape fabric to keep paths free from weeds. Be sure to make the paths wide enough to accommodate mowers, rototillers, wheelbarrows or whatever other equipment you’ll need to use in your garden.

Stone Drainage Systems

Stylishly solve drainage problems using rocks of varying sizes to create a “bridge” for runoff. If your problem requires more than a bridge, you can use a combination of gravel, river rocks, and larger stones to hide drainage pipe making for a highly functional focal point.

On the other hand, if you live in an area prone to drought, consider replacing problem areas with gravel and a few accent plants and ornamental grasses that can tolerate a low-water climate.


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